FIGHT ME® Clothing is based on overcoming opposition. From fighting in the ring/cage to fighting against life-threatening conditions such as Cancer, Leukemia, Autism, etc. FIGHT ME® represents finding the courage and strength within you to overcome any obstacle. FIGHT ME® is in everyone: It's in you, it's in me, and it's in our children. Our mission is to reach out and remind the world that courage exists within each and every one of us and to help people find the strength to achieve their goals.

The phrase FIGHT ME came to fruition when thinking about people in and outside of combat sports who have to dig down deep and fight, against life threatening diseases, chronic illness, and countless other personal and business related challenges.

Our mission is to change the aggressive stigma of the moniker FIGHT ME and rebrand it as a way to take control over obstacles that hold you back, to have the courage to face your fears head on and after goals are accomplished, have the heart and character to give back to the community.

FIGHT ME® Clothing has sponsored well over 100 amateur and professional Mixed Martial Arts competitors, as well as pro boxers, collegiate wrestlers, NBA and NFL players.

With our growth has come name recognition, and we humbly welcome those in the entertainment industry from actors to musicians who proudly wear our merchandise. That being said we will always remain true to our roots and will remain a permanent fixture at MMA & Boxing events in Southern California with plans to expand into other regional territories.

Lastly, but equally if not most importantly our philanthropic enterprises include support for The Healing Tyler Foundation, The Relay for Life in San Fernando, and The Autism Society. We also host charitable events such as our Annual FIGHT ME® for LIFE Charity BBQ.